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How Can We Help Your Employees?

Supporting Your Workplace Wellness Program is Our Goal!

As our Corporate Wellness Partners, we have several options to help your employees be the healthiest version of themselves.

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The Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Healthy employees mean healthy businesses.  Businesses and corporations that invest in having healthy employees see an improvement in productivity and profitability.  Employees spend a significant percentage of their lives at work. However, modern workplaces are often the source of the creation of unhealthy lifestyles for employees.  Sedentary desk job, high stress environments from productivity demands that may trigger emotional eating or unhealthy eating practices, and stress related chronic diseases or illnesses.  Workplace health promotion programs help to create a "culture of good health" within organizations.  These programs can assist employees in weight management, which will reduce their risk factors for chronic disease and improve their quality of life. Studies reveal that employee wellness programs can help reduce insurance costs, increase employee productivity and result in a positive return on investment (R.O.I.) for employers. 

Studies have shown that programs that combine multifaceted employee education and participation programs are most effective at helping employees to lose and keep it off weight in the short term.  It has been found that programs that provide a combination of support programming and activities help employees lose at least four pounds at 6 months or more after starting the program. This programming includes activities such as nutrition education classes, fitness (aerobic and resistance training, goal setting and lifestyle skills training, self-help materials or customized meal plans, and group exercise classes.

That is what our corporate wellness packages provide for your company!  We have several components that can assist you in your Workplace Wellness Program. Whether that be our comprehensive Healthy Lifestyle Hub app detailed below, or if you need a speaker, workshop presenter, fitness class (onsite or virtual) or a lunch 'n learn session.  We can accommodate your needs and support your goal of creating a healthy workplace culture and supportive environment of well-being for your employees. 


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How We Serve You and Your Employees

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Healthy Lifestyle Hub App

Our Healthy Lifestyle Hub App is a multifaceted, comprehensive app that provides several services to support your employees health, fitness and wellness goals.

Other Services

We can serve you an other ways to support employee well-being

We can accommodate your needs and can work with all companies, large and small. Schedule a consultation so that we may discuss your goals/needs.

Schedule Consultation

Need to Implement An Employee Wellness Program, but not sure how to go about it?


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