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Energetic and Intense Fitness Formats that Engage Your Physical and Mental Strength.  

So Bring Your Water, Your Towel and Your WERK Ethich and Let's WERK!!!

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WERKout w/Rae

Philosophy of Fitness

Coach Rae's philosophy is that Fitness should be FUN first (so that you look forward to it), but it should also challenge you and push you beyond your comfort zone to give you a great workout that will help burn calories, blast fat and build lean muscle mass to help you be stronger and leaner. 


As such she as several fitness formats that she teaches or has created to provide the FUN and Fitness that you need to assist you in your weight loss/wellness journey.

Are You Ready to WERK?

WERKout Fitness Formats


WERKout w/Rae

An intense high-impact dance fitness format designed to burn calories and fat while giving you a fun fitness experience.



Seated dance fitness for those with limited mobility or just looking for a change in their fitness routine.  Don't let the fact that you're in a chair fool WILL WERK!!!

Zumba class 4.jpg


A gospel-inspired dance fitness format designed to burn calories, blast fat and build lean muscle mass.

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Hips In Motion

Hips 'N Motion is a dance fitness format that incorporates Latin, Belly Dance, Polynesian, African and Caribbean rhythms designed to strengthen and tone the core (abs, back) and thighs all while having fun.  

Stay Tuned for More Fitness Formats to Come!!!

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