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Wellness Consultation

Do you have questions about what exercises can help you achieve certain goals, how to eat healthy, how can you begin to adapt a healthy lifestyle and what are the components of that, how to incorporate herbal remedies, essential oil and/or CBD Oil into your life or many other questions regarding your wellness that don't require an entire coaching program.  

This is where my Wellness Consultations come in.


  • Consultation-$40

    • Answer questions provide general guidance​

  • Protocol Development-$125

    • If you are in need of the development of a protocol that you will​ follow on your own, with no further assistance or coaching from me.

Who is the Plan Idea for?

This program is ideal for the person who that needs some guidance on how to achieve their wellness goals, someone who may need a protocol that they can execute themselves, someone that my not be interested in a long-term coaching program, or someone that just has questions about their wellness journey and need guidance.

Making Appointments
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Wanna Know More?  Schedule Your KYS Call and Let's Chat!

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