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Monthly Meal Plan Program

Take the guesswork out of your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goals. We will customize your program to set your calorie goals, food preferences, and dietary goals.

You can stay in the program until you reach your weight loss goals, feel comfortable that you have your healthy lifestyle established or forever! It's up to you!

You can choose from hundreds of recipes, swap out recipes, and if you need to meal prep for a few days or a while week, you can adjust the recipes to meet your needs.

Meal Plan Program

  • If you need/desire to cancel your subscription, you will need to provide a 30-day notice, and services will be ceased for the subsequent month.

    Your credit card will be kept on file for monthly billings. Your information will be kept private and will be protected. Payments will be processed through our 3rd party vendor. Fitness Finese w/Rae. LLC. will not be held responsible or liable for errors and omissions on the part of our 3rd party processor.

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