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Personal Accountability Coaching

Being on a wellness journey takes a lot of discipline, focus and commitment.  Going it alone can be a challenge because in those moments of weakness, you may be more apt to let yourself off the hook, or justify deviating from the plan.  Having an Accountability Coach to walk alongside you in the journey will help give you the assistance, accountability, guidance to help you stick to your plan.

Package Includes:

  1. Weekly Coaching Call where review your progress on the goals set the previous week and set new ones for the coming week.

  2. Accountability

Who is the Ideal for?

For the person that has an idea of the Nutrition & Exercise plan they will follow to achieve their goals, they just need accountability to support adherence to the plan, and guidance along the way.


4 weeks-$220

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Wanna Know More?  Schedule Your KYS Call and Let's Chat!

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