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Why Do I Need to Train My Glutes?

  • The glutes provide stability and support for the hips during a normal gait. 

  • They are part of the LPHC (Lumbopelvic hip Complex-spine, pelvis and hip), provide critical trunk support to keep individuals upright and mobile.

  • Research has shown that weak ankles, shin splints, back pain, knee pain and even hip pain can all be a result of weak or inactive glutes. 

  • Individuals with weak hop musculature are more likely to sprain or roll their ankles.


  • 19% of people have chronic knee pain

  • 80% will experience back issues in their lifetime

  • `14% will have hip issues.

  • 60% of Americans have a sedentary lifestyle,

  • 25% of Americans are completely inactive

  • 80% of American have a sedentary job and are inactive to lightly active otherwise.

  • More than ½ of employed Americans have a minimally active desk job.  Approximately 65% of those people also sit and watch a minimum of 2 hours of TV each day!

  • 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 will fall and injure themselves this year? Why?  Because many elderly people lack the hip and core strength to support themselves.  They have no foundation,.

  • Falls are in the top 3 causes of injury-related deaths in the US. Along with poisoning and moto vehicle accidents.

Culprit:  Excessive Sitting

When a person sits at a desk all day, the hip flexors become overactive since they are contracted most of the time. 

  • Tight hip flexors are the root cause of many glute issues.  Sitting only exacerbates the issue.  We have to GUAM as often as possible to avoid the damage of tight hip flexors!

Hip Flexor Stats

Many daily activities activate the hip flexors-walking, sleeping (on the side or in fetal position), sitting, commuting, bending over from the waist and even eating at a table.

The average American:

  • Spends 6.5 hours per day sitting

  • Spends 1 hour a day eating

  • Spends 1.1 hours a day commuting

  • Spends 8 hours a day sleeping

  • Takes 7500 steps per day

  • Spends 2 hours watching TV

  • Spends 2-4 hours a day bending over

That’s about 20.5 hours per day or 85% of a 24-hour day!

4 Benefits of Glute Training:

  1. Reduce or prevent knee pain

  2. Reduce or prevent back pain

  3. Increase power and athletic performance

  4. Better looking buttocks

The 6 Weeks to Better Glutes Training Program is designed to help strengthen and build your glutes to help start you on the process of alleviating knee and back pain and improving your quality of life!  We have individual and group sessions available.  Contact us for more information and to register. 

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