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Resistance Bands

Light, Medium and Heavy resistance bands for use to help sculpt, shape and tone your legs and glutes during your workouts!


Waist Trainer

Turn up the heat with our double belted neoprene waist trainer designed to help you boost your WERKout efforts by causing you to SWEAT and release fat!

$49.99 + Shipping

Be sure to choose your trainer based upon your measurements. These trainers run about 1 size smaller than the measurements, so we recommend that you find your measurement and purchase the next size down.  Trainers are non-refundable. See Size chart.  Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted to determine the size and color you desire.  Allow 4-6 weeks delivery time due to COVID-19 Shipping delays.

Weighted Gloves

Weighted gloves to help tone your arms and shoulders during your workouts!

1lb per glove


Arm Trimmers

Get the most out of your Arms, Abs & Glutes WERKout with our  Neoprene Arm Trimmers with Pockets.  They give an instant slimming effect and are designed to -compress and tone your arms. The pocket holds you mobile phone so you can be "hands-free" at the gym. Neoprene material turns up the heat on your arms as you workout!

$24.99 + Shipping

Be sure to choose your arm trainer based upon your measurements.  See Size chart. Arm trainers are true-to-size and are non-refundable, so please be sure to choose your size correctly. Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted for your size request.  Allow 4-6 weeks delivery time de to COVID-19 shipping deLays.

We are an affiliate with Amazon, so we do receive a small commission on qualifying purchases.  The resistance bands and weighted gloves are sold through Amazon.

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