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Bring Coach Rae to You

Coach Rae is a Teacher at heart, and when she speaks, her goal is to educate the audience about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  Her desire is that after people have heard her speak, that they are motivated, encouraged and excited to make their health a priority and commit to the change necessary to begin a healthier lifestyle.  She is passionate, humorous and captivating in her delivery of her Health Message.  She is available for events, conferences, retreats, festivals, meetings, expos and most any other event.  She is able to deliver a Keynote Message, Serve as a Panelist, Workshop Presenter, Hostess, and Emcee.  She and her husband, Coach Mike, are available to conduct Pop-Up Wellness Tours as well.

For more information, or to book Coach Rae and/or Mike, please click any of the buttons below to submit your inquiry.

Keynote Speaker


Coach Rae will deliver a 45 minute to 1 hour keynote speech for your event on a Health/Wellness/Fitness

topic.  The speech will inform, inspire, motivate and empower your audience to begin considering or embarking upon their weight loss journey. 

There will also be a fitness segment where she will teach proper exercise

technique and provide a Fitness demonstration if desired.


Speaker Fee-$150

Workshop Presenter

Coach Rae will one of her Workshops for your event

  • Workshop Title:  Your Health is In Your Hands

    •  45-60 minute workshop that teaches attendees about

      • Dangers of Inactivity

      • How waist circumference determines your risk for
        chronic illness

      • Risk Factors for chronic illness

      • Weight loss tips and advice

      • Proper exercise techniques

      • Herbal remedies for various ailments

Workshop Presenter Fee-$150


Dance Fitness or Other Fitness Format Demonstration

Coach Rae will bring her WERK or Hugiano Dance Fitness or any of our other fitness formats to your event. 

The following packages are available:

  • 10 minute demonstration    -$35

  • 30 minute class                -$50

  • 45 minute class                -$65       

  • 1 hour class                     -$75




Pop Up Wellness Seminar


The Pop Up Wellness Seminar is a 90 minute comprehensive seminar to cover

3 areas for your participants:

  • Wellness

    • The Dynamic Duo of "Rae-N-Bae" (Coach Rae and her Hubby Coach Mike)

           will briefly share some health statistics and other vital information that will both

           inform and inspire your participants to make their health a priority

  • Natural Products

    • They will share natural and herbal remedies to help address various ailments

            and illnesses

  • GUAM (Get Up And Move) Fitness Session

    • This is a fitness session that will get your group UP & MOVING with a light

           workout to help them get an introduction or reintroduction to fitness. 

  • Coach Rae will share different types of exercises they may begin to incorporate in

         their daily routine based upon their fitness level and physical ability, as well as

         conduct a low-impact Hugiano/WERK/or other Fitness Format segment.


The goal of the Pop Up Wellness Seminars is to inspire your participants to begin to make their health a priority in their lives, introduce them to natural remedies that may assist in their (or their loved ones') health care, and share various exercise outlets that they may incorporate in their lifestyle.

Workshop Presenter Fee-FREE (With the ability to sell products)

Want to Bring Coach Rae to your next event?

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