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Arms, Abs & Glutes 


Bye Bye Batwings!!!

Flatten the FUPA!!! 

Perk Up the Peach!!!


Only $39!!!

A $125 Value!!!

Do you Struggle with These "Problem Areas"?

Well Coach Rae is ready to help you with her new
Arms, Abs & Glutes Challenge.

For 30 Days, 3 times per week, 30 minutes per day you will be working out with Coach Rae to Tone, Define, Sculpt, Lift and Round those areas.  

The Challenge includes:

  • 3 Live Virtual Workouts Per Week

  • Video Recordings of all workouts in case you miss any

  • Fitness Guidance for the Remaining Days of the Week

  • A Detox Meal Plan and Recipe ideas designed to help Remove Inflammation and Toxins out of the body and help jump start your Weight Loss!

  • Private Support Group for Motivation, Guidance and Inspiration


*(However if you decide you'd like to utilize equipment to help boost your results, these are the items we will be using.)

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