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Lifestyle Metamorphasis Coaching

Helping You Create A Lifestyle to Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be in your Weight Loss & Health!

Losing Weight isn't hard...

 it's the CHANGE that's required to lose weight that presents a challenge.  That's where I come in!  I am here to help guide you through the Process of Change to help you get the results you desire and help them last a lifetime!

Rachael "Coach Rae" Watson

When It Comes to Losing Weight and Getting Healthier

Are You...


Struggling with Inconsistency & Tired of YoYo Dieting?

Taking a Break

Unmotivated to Exercise or Stick with Your Plan?

Smart Snacking

Having a Hard Time Overcoming Cravings and Making Healthy Choices

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Unsure What You Need to Eat?



I Get it Because I was JUST LIKE YOU!

I struggled with losing weight for the first 40 years of my life!  I was a chunky little girl, a chubby teen, and thick young woman and at 40, I was a fluffy middle aged woman.  Through the years I went on so many diets, so many weight loss efforts, and I would start, lose some weight, lose my motivation and gain the weight more!  That's the "Yo Yo Dieting Cycle!"

I desperately wanted to lose weight, but I was afraid to even try anymore because every time I lost, I gained back more and I was afraid that if I kept that cycle up, I'd be 300lbs!  That was terrifying to me.  I decided that I better stop trying to lose because apparently trying to lose weight was the problem.  Every time I tried,  I gained, so I settled in my mind that if I stopped trying, hopefully I could at least level off and stay where I was!

Until I had an encounter with God in 2012 that changed my whole entire life, ministry and direction...FOREVER!  You can read more about that in my book, "Keys to Weight loss Success", but from that encounter, I embarked upon a personal weight loss journey in which I lost 60lbs and came to learn 2 very valuable pieces of the weight loss puzzle...I had finally developed a LIFESTYLE to SUSTAIN my weight loss efforts, and I had a different mindset.  Before, I had just been on a temporary attempt to lose the weight, but when I change my mind from temporary to committing to making permanent changes and doing things differently than I always had, those were the missing pieces to keep the weight off:  A Healthy Lifestyle and a Renewed Mind!

I FINALLY DID IT!!  I Lost the weight and now knew how to keep it off and was able to help others do the same!  

It was such an AMAZING feeling, and I felt so EMPOWERED!  I was finally in control of my appetite and cravings.  I developed discipline in my eating and was finally sticking to and LOVING exercising.  I had come to love it so much that it was not a passion and I was planning my work schedule around my exercise classes/regimen!  ME!!! The one who had always felt so hopeless, helpless, weak, defeated, and like a slave to my appetite.  The one who desperately wanted to change and be at the helm of my ship (body/life) and steering it in the direction in which it needed to go, but who had always fallen short.  But not anymore!!! I was FINALLY in control of ME!! And I never wanted to go back!


As your Lifestyle Metamorphosis Coach, my Job is to help guide you through the Process of Mind Renewal to will help you create a Healthy lifestyle that will transform you into that woman who you've always desired to be:  Strong, Empowered, Disciplined, Confident...IN CONTROL!

How I Can Help

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Since 2015, my Weight Loss Programs have helped hundreds of people lose over 5,000 lbs collectively!!

If You're Ready FOR Change

If You're Ready TO Change

If Your Mind is Made Up

That THIS Time is THE Time You Reach Your
Weight Loss Goals..

I'm Ready to Help You Too!!!

Schedule Your KYS Call (Kicking off Your Success)

and Let's Chat About Your Goals and Which Program  Will be the Best Fit to Help You Reach Them!

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